Consumers are very familiar with the concept of collecting pieces to complete a game card. The perennial McDonald's Monopoly promotion has been offered in 19 different countries since 1987 and continues to grow in scope and popularity every year. Our Collect 'N Win program employs a similar concept but updated for the digital user.

Lottery players can download the mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to collect random symbols and complete game cards by scanning the unique barcodes on eligible lottery game tickets. The design can span multiple game types including draw games and instant tickets. It can be used to complete entries that qualify for traditional drawings or it can have a chase symbol feature to award prizes instantly once a card is complete.

Plus, you can leverage the Alchemy3 portfolio of popular brands to theme your Collect 'N Win promotion. The design is so versatile it can be applied for any holiday or any time of the year.

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Collect 'N Win is a proven successful concept and has been deployed in multiple jurisdictions using various different themes. Let Alchemy3 work with your marketing team to set goals and strategies to implement a Collect 'N Win theme for your players.