FrisbeeSo simple, yet so universal, the Frisbee is recognizable to all generations. Since WHAM-O's original introduction of the Frisbee in the 1950's it has been re-invented again and again. The Frisbee can be found on beaches, in parks and is a dominating form of leisure and exercise on college campuses across America. It doesn't matter if you're old or young, human or canine, a Frisbee provides hours of entertainment. It's a very versatile product featured in games such as Frisbee golf and Ultimate Frisbee. It's the perfect property to broaden a lottery's demographic base.

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Frisbee is part of Alchemy3's "Games of Summer" series. This includes an HTML5 interactive game. Alchemy3 designs interactive games using HTML5 and CSS3 to expand the reach of players to hundreds of different devices including Windows PCs on Internet Explorer 8 and above, systems using Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other popular browsers, tablet and mobile devices using Webkit browsers. Marrying a Frisbee scratch ticket with the interactive game ties the purchase to the game play.