Fantasy BlackjackThe Fantasy Blackjack game is an online lottery gaming community of mobile or web-based blackjack interactive players and lottery players. It combines a strong presence of users with existing Facebook and Twitter accounts but also offers a dedicated lottery account registration.

Become a casino high roller while playing with friends.
The main ways to increase your chips are: Beat the dealer at Blackjack
Play Bonuses - the more you play, the more chips you can earn.
Daily bonuses - Regular return bonus - don't miss a day! you get more chips by playing every day
As you play, your experience level will rise which means bigger chip bonuses. Plus you can attach the Fantasy Blackjack scratch ticket to the interactive game to capture 2nd Chance drawing entries and top up the game chip count as added value.

Game ConceptsTickets

Online blackjack games have a solid following, but few keep players engaged for extended periods of time. Our Fantasy Blackjack interactive game stands out from the others by adding features that extend the play value beyond regular blackjack.
You can play for fun by using your existing Facebook or Twitter account to log in. Once an account is established players can enter Fantasy Blackjack scratch ticket as a means to top up your chip count in the interactive game. Enter the VIRN number for the ticket as a 2nd Chance entry and award a random number of chips as a bonus.
We engage social interaction with a chat feature to allow players to interact with opponents. You can send virtual gifts or chips across the table. If you're enjoying your time with the other players, throw your friend a kiss, or maybe a toucan. Plus there are various achievements that you can chase.