Movie NitePeople continue to spend more on movie tickets every year to experience the big screen thrills, romance, laughter and drama of the season. With Alchemy 3’s Movie Nite® or Box Office Bucks®, your players can experience even more movies with prize packs redeemable at theaters across the country.

Scratch game players enjoy instant gratification.  With the Box Office Bucks program, players can download their movie certificate prizes and go to the movies the same day!

In addition to awarding movie tickets, the prize can also come with concession vouchers so winners can enjoy all the comforts of going to the movies without being out of pocket.

Alchemy3 will set up a customized website for your players to redeem their movie package prize. The site is specific to your lottery and, in addition to choosing the show times and theaters, players can view trailers and get information on all the movies in their area.

Send your players off to the movies with this “premier” offering exclusively from Alchemy3!



Game Concepts

MovieAlchemy3 has a number of different scratch ticket designs that amplify the Movie Nite and Box Office Bucks brands. We have conceptualized a number of promotional support strategies to further leverage the equity of a movie prize package property for your program. In addition to traditional scratch ticket themes, movie prize package properties can be utilized to attract more players to your draw and numbers games. Our interactive products can be designed to engage existing and introduce new draw game players to your base.